Tuesday, April 19 2022

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Released back in March 2020, the Pastel Blue Baggy Cardigan has been a long seller and continues to do well today.
Of late, our Smart Doll girls have been asking for an Ash Blue version so that they don't become a glaring target at dusk. Dusk is the last chance to scavenge the post-apocalyptic landscape for supplies before the zombie hordes come out to feast.

Made in Niigata Japan, the specs for the cardigan are 7 gauge x 2 ply, and the yarn is made from linen 70% / polyester 30%.

The cardigan goes well with our weathered line of apparel but goes particularly well with the black Lace Sports Bra. It's best to remove the hands before slotting the arms through the sleeves, as the fingers may get caught in the knitting and make a gaping hole.

The Ash Blue Baggy Cardigan will be out soon. The Combat Belt needs more field testing time, while the Ash Blue Camisole needs more stain testing time.

Reasons not to buy

-You could instead buy more than 30 packs of "Fresh Salad Cucumbers, 2 lb bag" on Walmart.

-The cardigan will not grow into more cardigans even if you cut it up and try to seed the remains in the ground.

-Cutting up the cardigan in front of a Smart Doll is not a good idea - they may learn from you, and before you know it, you'll be 6 feet under (and in pieces).

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