Sunday, April 17 2022

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Developed to solve the floating-head syndrome, electroplating for the cyborg torso mold is complete. However, mother nature decided to be a bit rougher than usual during the process.

As you may know, slush cast molds are created using natural processes - sometimes the outcome is great - other times, not so. The worst case is that the master gets completely destroyed in the electroplating bath.

From the black vinyl test shots, you may see that some of the components developed larger than usual air bubbles that look like bullet marks - also, the bottom of the spine got torn in the electroplating process.

All vinyl molds develop blemishes meaning that vinyl cast from the mold will inherit the same marks. Even if we manage to fix the end of the spine, the whole product looks somewhat battle damaged - but it seems that this is how mother nature wanted it because she probably liked the battle damaged look that could be found in "Detroit: Become Human" and "Alita: Battle Angel."

Some of the photos show the Evolve frame, which is experimental - we are trying a new technique used in car manufacturing where the frame is injection molded in a metallic tone. Frame parts need more precision, so they are injection molded but still require humans to assemble them in-house.

The cyborg shoulder sockets actually do rotate and are also made of vinyl. The bust component is squishy like the Smart Doll bewbs which allows a wider range of head posing. The spine is attached to the bust using a modified Jeton spine. And yes - the cyborg bust does fit on a Smart Doll.

The cyborg torso can be displayed on a table, hung on the wall, or on your rucksack strap while commuting to school or working.

The ports on the bust can be cut to pass through charging cables.

We are currently experimenting with various types of metallic paints (like iron man red) and silk screen printing for logos and emblems - like the ones you see on the body of a Gundam.

What colors would you like to see this in? Also, we can do combinations - torso in metallic red, shoulders in metallic gold etc.

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