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Various survival strategies are being adopted in the post-apocalyptic world. One of the more popular is wearing a damaged knit sweater that has been given a "I-have-been-clawed-at-by-a-zombie-and-thus-am-infected-so-drop-your-loot-and-run-before-I-bite-you" look and feel. This makes it easy to stock up on food and medical supplies.

Damage knit sweaters also allows the wearer to lay on the ground and play "I-have-been-clawed-to-death-by-another-zombie-and-am-past-my-expiry-date-so-no-need-to-eat-me-move-along-move-along."

This strategy of feigning death (also known as thanatosis) is common in the animal kingdom that various species adopt when threatened.

Feigning death (playing dead) to avoid being eaten by a zombie is a skill that can be easily adopted by following the following rules.

1. Do not smile or laugh - this could possibly give away that you are not actually dead.
2. No checking your cell phone even though you hear a notification - this may also give you away.

The Damage Knit Sweater goes well with short jeans, scavenger satchel bags, and any of our hats - all of which are not included.

Made in Niigata Japan.

1. The Damage Knit Sweater is...damaged - the holes could possibly stretch and tear if you try to poke a finger through them.

2. Even without x-ray vision, you can still see through the sweater. Your Smart Doll may get shy and slap you if you don't give them a sports bra to wear underneath.

3. Costs more than 5 packs of General Mills, Frosted Cheerios, Gluten Free, 13.5 oz (382 g) at Walmart.

4. The sweater won't taste good even after pouring milk on it - but will be effective at keeping both humans and zombies away due to the stale, undead milk smell - if you are not sure what that is then try spilling some on your best friends carpet.

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