Thursday, April 7 2022

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Also released later this month is Oceana in Cocoa ;-)

If there are characters that you would like to see in a skin tone that has not been released, then lemme know.

We prototype most characters in all skin tones, but some don't work out because the original face design was made for a specific skin tone.

For example, for cocoa skin tones, layering needs to be done so that the design does not blend in with the base skin tone.

We worked with Fujikura Ohyo-kako to create our swatch of vinyl paints specially designed for vinyl airbrush painting. I was considering making some available to consumers, but I don't think the airlines would let them on the aircraft.

Not all face elements have paint masks. For example, freehand is used for the shadow around the inner corner of the eye to create the illusion of depth.
Lip edges should not be too hard to prevent them from looking like lipstick - we do this using a "floating" mask that does not touch the vinyl surface enabling us to create soft edges.

Paint masks are copper stencils created using electrodeposition. YouTube has a guy showing how you can do this at home (he was electroplating some Ironman armor), but it involves a lot (a lot) of equipment.

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