Friday, April 1 2022

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This is Hemisphere - the new head cap that will be shipped with all Smart Dolls. Hemisphere features magnet attachment for head accessories and an SD card slot for the digital metaverse version of the Smart Doll.

Our team is made up of 19 - but only 9 members are dedicated to the actual production of Smart Doll - the remaining members are responsible for wigs, apparel, shipping, and so on.

With the increase of folks spending their stimulus cheques on a Smart Doll, the team can't keep up with production - and I'm not forcing them to work overtime just to sell more.

My job is to identify bottlenecks and develop products, tools, and workflows to simplify production tasks. As part of this process, I have created a new head cap called "Hemisphere" that will be shipped with all Smart Dolls in the future - no eta right now as we are still doing field tests.

The introduction of Hemisphere means less inventory to manage by color - because Hemisphere only comes in one color. This change may seem trivial to the average consumer - but reducing a single component to a unified color means that the team can attend to other aspects of production.
Hemisphere also means our slush casting facility can focus on casting more components instead of resetting molds and containers for various skin tones.

Customers can embed magnets (from Daiso) which will aid the attachment of various accessories such as meow ears, cyborg augmentations, etc.
The SD card slot can also be used to hide naughty jpegs too.
Hemisphere will also be sold as a standalone product and be compatible with existing Smart Doll heads.

For those who are not in the know, Smart Dolls come with a head cap so that we can install the eyes and enable zombies to get easy access to brains - without the use of a chainsaw.

Smart Dolls were designed to have a wig attached to the head, covering the head cap and parting line.

I understand that Hemisphere will be a deal-breaker (just like the support socket at the back of the torso) - but this is a good thing because there are too many people buying Smart Dolls for us to keep up production ;-)
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