Friday, April 1 2022

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Evolve is the 4th generation frame for Smart Doll, which now has a conductive surface that can change into any color you want.

We previously had to manage frames in various skin tones (cocoa, cinnamon, tea, blue, etc), which used to be an inventory nightmare. But now have only one universal frame color that we call Chameleon.

Evolve is injection molded in a gray conductive polymer that can change color depending on the Gotandanium frequency passed through the CCIS (Chroma Cardiovascular Infusion System.) Gotandanium is a liquid developed by our team of scientists that interacts with the conductive material and thus changing the color of the coating.

The good news is that we will be giving away the recipe to Gotandanium (80% Dr Pepper) so that folks can concoct their own and change Evolve to any color they want. The CCIS should be removed after the infusion process.

Evolve builds on learnings from the previous generations - including a 3rd generation frame that never went into service (yes, we made the molds for them) - although some initial test shots of the 3rd gen were put in some Chaos Bundles.

Evolve features a truss structure design that utilizes triaxial stress state dependences resulting in high energy distribution and absorption. As 80% of sales are for children, this new design feature is more adaptable to the lifestyle of young folks who at times have superhuman strength ;-)

As you can see from one of these photos, the joints have cogs and ratchets which are compatible with LEGO Technics - meaning you can attach the LEGO motor too ;-) Evolve will take another year to complete and roll out in the Summer of 2023.

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