Thursday, March 31 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Took the team to enjoy some snow on the Shiretoko Peninsula in eastern Hokkaido for a few days. I think it was my first time seeing the sea frozen as far as the eye could see! Naturally, we were curious and decided to jump in for a bit ;-)

The sea does not actually freeze over - it's Drift Ice (流氷) that drifts across the Sea of Okhotsk from northeastern Russia. "Ice walking" is an activity that they have during Drift Ice season - “dry suits” are provided to keep us dry and warm.

We stayed at the Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel which was awesome - great noms, rooms, and hot springs too.

Next trip will probably be to Okinawa again as I need to warm up the team after the snow :-)

Anytime you see things out of stock on the online store - just wait a wee bit for us to get back to Tokyo :-)

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