Thursday, March 24 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The face design of a new Smart Doll involves a few candidates before creating a master that gets sacrificed during the electroplating process to make paint masks.
Paint masks are copper stencils that assist the process of painting the face.

Once the masks are ready, we usually have to tweak them through chiseling and soldering gaps that are either too small/large, blunt, etc.

We then go through a round of test painting which may bring up issues in terms of balance. We may use a mask from another character or make a new design feature that better fits the whole aesthetic if elements from the original mask looks off.

This lady goes by the code name "North" and is in production now. We plan two extra masks for her, which will be produced after the main set of masks.

Combat Belt, Combat Cape, Vinyl Boots, and batteries not included with the Solar Marine Suit.
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