Tuesday, April 5 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Nearly ready for prime time is the Post Apocalyptic Jacket - designed specifically for scavenging a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic environments like the ones in The Last Of Us, Maze Runner, Days Gone, I Am Legend, Zombieland, Resident Evil, and more. Ah - I nearly forgot to mention "Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula" which I really enjoyed ;-)

The jacket went through a few design iterations but was put on hold for a few months because I couldn't figure out how to manage long hair that would sprout outwards as it rested on the hood. Then I thought of the obvious - just put an opening in the back of the hood to pass the long wig through.

The back of the hood can be button-snapped up if your girls are having their hair short to avoid hair pulling zombies.

The shoulder loops can attach to the hood's side to give an Assasins Creed-type arched hood.

The shoulder straps are actually used for securing bag straps so that they don't slip off the shoulder - to avoid zombie bag snatching.

The Solar Marine Emblem is placed off-center towards the front so zombies can better see the logo to decide whether it's worth messing with a Solar Marine for brain brekkie.

Oh - and speaking of Resident Evil - the last photo is taken with Milla Jovovich back in London many moons ago ;-)

-The opening at the back of the hood can be buttoned up but is not designed to be perfectly sealed - while this gives better ventilation for your Smart Dolls, some folks may be bothered by this.

-Scientific studies show that broccoli is the ultimate brain food - so instead of buying this jacket, you could buy well over 100 packs of "Great Value Steamable Broccoli Florets, Frozen, 12 oz" from Walmart.

-If you decide not to go for Walmart's broccoli, you should know that the nutritional value gained by eating this jacket is very low - and your Smart Doll will slap you - until your brain falls out.

-The gray version will be released first because I decided on the wine production pretty late. If you prefer the wine, then don't buy the gray - but if the wine does better than the gray, wine will remain supreme, and gray will be discontinued. #smartdoll

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