Saturday, April 2 2022

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So I got this job offer that will enable me to go back to what I truly love doing - web development.
My career started back in London working at Benihana as a waiter - I washed dishes, carried dishes - and occasionally dropped them.

While studying Japanese and Korean languages at London University (SOAS), I worked part-time at London Heathrow Airport as ground staff for Japan Airlines.

After I graduated, Japan Airlines offered me a job as a Computer Engineer, which was the first time I started to delve into building Internet applications.

After Japan Airlines, I accepted an offer from the scientific journal "Nature" to work on web marketing and development in Tokyo.

The next step in my career was Website Manager at Amazon Japan, where I led website development working with Jeff's direct reports.

I then moved to Microsoft as CGM Product Manager managing online web services.

After Microsoft, I left corporate life to build my company Mirai Inc and eventually start a brand of imperfect dolls called Smart Doll.

The Smart Doll online store development enables me to keep my web development (both front and back end) up to speed. We still use much of Amazon's infrastructure, such as EC2 and LAMBDA, and lately, I've just wanted to do more web development.

My new role will not only enable me to build new and exciting web applications, but I feel that the Smart Doll will be in better hands to help it grow into a truly international brand.

With permission from their parents, the last 4 photos in this post are of Nico, Lainey TayTay, and Sophia - the future of Smart Doll.

Thank you for the support over the years!
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