Saturday, March 12 2022

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While most of us take the action of walking for granted, there are some of us who can't walk or need devices to help us walk.

I have spinal hernia which causes sciatica - the type where not even crutches can help me walk. At its worst, I'm usually at home and crawl on the floor to get around as I did like a baby ;-) If I need to visit the hospital for treatment, I need to do it in a wheelchair.

I've never tried using crutches until recently when my wife had to use them for a couple of months after knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus.
I was curious how one got about on them and tried them out. While it looks easy from afar, using them is a different story.

Alan has been working on a design since last year but the designs never worked out until our collection of medical devices started to take on a certain aesthetic. While they may not be an accurate representation of all crutches - I think they look pretty decent ;-)

The Crutches for Smart Doll are free to new or existing Smart Doll owners who rely on crutches for mobility. There is no need to add them to cart - just make a purchase of other goodies and leave your one-liner story with the order and we will put them in for free. At this moment in time, we can only provide one set for free per household.

Do note that we cant send them out on their own - we can provide them for free because we ask that you allow us to put them in with your new order.

As with all our 3D printed products, do expect support studs on the surface - we do the bare minimum to remove them, but you will need to sand down the surfaces if you want them super smooth.

We need a few more weeks for production before we can start putting them in orders.

And yes - I have been working on a wheelchair design for many years but so far none have turned out with production scalability or portability.

Today's model is Timeless Cocoa - eye and wig color is not final.

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