Friday, February 18 2022

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The 3D modeling of the cyborg bust and torso ( design by Sukabu-sensei ) is complete! I think Daco did a great job modeling the parts in ZBrush.

When 3D models are complete, we usually go through a few rounds of rough printing and tweaking to get the shape right in the real world as they need to interact with existing products. We then need to figure out how to design the molds.

In the case of a vinyl mold, we need to consider the funnel size (which is needed to pour in vinyl) - if the object that the funnel is attached to is too big, the object can't be pulled out of the mold. The angle of the funnel is important too - certain angles would accumulate too many air bubbles or warp the object.

We also need to consider that the flash needs to be cut away from the final casted part - if the cut line is too complicated, cutting time (and skill) adds to the cost of the product.

We are currently designing the molds for the bust part with the arm sockets and spine sticking out the bottom. Folks can attach a floating head to the bust and hang it on the wall and hopefully from the ceiling if the balance works out. Most importantly - folks will be able to hang it from a rucksack shoulder strap when commuting to school or work.

The torso needs more thought before we consider it for production - the bottom half looks kinda odd right now.

We are planning paint masks and pad printing for the torso too.

I'm not sure how the product will play out as we have not made anything like this before, but the team is having a lot of fun working on it ;-) Electroplating to make the molds will begin in March.

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