Tuesday, March 8 2022

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Do you see a White Tiger? Zebra? Yeti? Waldo? Or a mixture of all?
Regardless - I'm still calling this item "Zebra Battle Bikini & Socks Set" even though the stripes look more like a tiger - I just thought it would be fun dressing up your girls in both yellow and white to play "hungry tiger chases the zebra."

Sword of Omens, Mr Chicken, and stairs are not included with this set. If you want the rubber chickens then you can get a pack of 15 on Amazon for less than 20 USD - they actually squeak when you squeeze them.
The Sword of Omens came with Lion-O. If you want the stairs, then you can pay the 1.5 million yen per month that we pay for renting this studio - the price of rent in Tokyo :-(
The Zebra Battle Bikini & Socks Set is available soon.

-Just like any print on fabric, the stripes will stretch together with the fabric which may bother some people - check the photos of the socks to see what I mean.

-The fabric on the white version can look off-white depending on the lighting conditions - this may bother some folks too.

-Costs nearly six times more than "Freshness Guaranteed Boneless Chicken Breasts Family Pack, 4.7 - 6.25 lb" on Walmart.

-Will not fit the breasts of a chicken (because they are designed for Smart Doll bewbs up to L size).

-Is not Finger Lickin' Good - especially during a pandemic.

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