Sunday, January 23 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Just to let you know that mecha designer @sukabu89 has been working on a new line of cyborg/cyberpunk and mecha prosthetics and vehicles for Smart Doll. First up is something for floating heads.

I've never really been a fan of upper bust stands, which are usually in a matching skin tone - but if we were talking about cyborg parts - then I'm in ;-)

After attaching your Smart Doll anime or semi-real head, the upper bust can be displayed by hanging on the wall or from the ceiling like in a cyborg lab. The bust can dock with the torso to be displayed on a table or shelf or on your shoulder while you commute to school or work - great for social distancing as you will immediately notice people start to take a step back away from you.

Once the 3D modeling is done, we will figure out how to attach some USB-C cables to make it into a hub or extension - or just have cables dangling out from inside of the bust.

We may have to sacrifice some design elements so that it can me molded in vinyl, so expect the design to change slightly.
I think it will look good in silver, gunmetal and some wabi-sabi rust too. What sort of colors or finishes would you like to see?

A fully articulate cyborg body you say? That’s the next task and a different design :-)

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