Friday, February 11 2022

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From time to time, I would chance upon stories of burn survivors. These folks are already dealing with a traumatic experience, but many continue to be traumatized through alienation or bullying.

While I cannot speak on behalf of a burn survivor, I want to increase awareness of their needs. Nobody should be made to feel that they need to change or hide aspects of how they look just because of other humans.

These are photos of Genesis with a representation of burn scarring that we could achieve with the techniques available to us. We couldn't achieve such a look with paints, so we tried a technique known as Vinyl Marble.

Two vinyl colors are mixed in a way so that they don't blend during the casting process - this involved much trial and error - the photo with a bunch of heads shows just some of the attempts to get the look and feel that we were aiming for - fails on the right and successes on the left.

We are currently in the middle of designing a character to symbolize burn scarring - just like we have Liberty and Courage symbolizing vitiligo and Valiant symbolizing birthmarks.

Genesis was a test to see what a face design would look like on the marble vinyl. We will simplify the number of face elements (like freckles) and use a lighter color palette to highlight the scarring better.

At the moment, we can only manage to have the burn scarring on the head and bust as inventory management is already quite a handful for our small team.

Our burn scarring character will be available soon as a permanent lineup for Smart Doll. We will call her "Survivor."

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