Friday, January 7 2022

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Some of you asked for a BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing aid, so our Alan got to work on one as soon as we got back into the studio.

The BTE Hearing aid will be available to buy soon, but if you use one, just leave a note with your order telling us your story (can be one sentence), and we will put one in for free - there is no need to add the item to your cart. We can only do this for existing or new Smart Doll customers, and we can only supply one set per household for now.

The BTE Hearing aid for Smart Doll is 3D printed and assembled in-house. The hearing aid is attached to the head using the supplied blu-tac.

We realize that not all BTE devices look like this, but I think the design is a good middle ground without the need to drill a hole in the dolls head ;-)
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