Saturday, December 18 2021

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Pocket Doll progress report. We made another G07 Mini head mold, but we factored in horizontal shrinkage this time - the final result is much closer to its 1/3 scale counterpart.
Genesis started the semi-real line so she gets to go first and start the Pocket Doll line - her paint mask gets made first, followed by Timeless.

The eyes are prototypes and a bit small - new ones will be ready in Jan.
Wig size is finalized and looks pretty decent.

The master 3D prints for the body were used to make the wax duplicates which are now being electroplated to make the molds. The molds will be ready by January where we will be able to see the casts for the first time. The body in the photos is 3D printed - only the head is vinyl.

The mannequin version will be released first, as work on the articulated version will take a bit longer.

We are progressing on apparel development in parallel and will ensure that the Pocket Doll series will have a decent wardrobe on release. We will release the patterns for free nearer to the time for artists to make and sell clothing.

Other Pocket Doll heads molds we plan to make at this moment in time are Mirai and COS (Fortitude).
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