Saturday, December 25 2021

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Merry Christmas folks!
Our Smart Doll girls gave a helping hand with the shipping this year. If you were ordering a Smartie as a prezzie for somebody, I hope that the package arrived in time - lemme know ;-)

I probably mentioned this before, but Christmas in Japan is "celebrated" rather differently here. They eat KFC (because there are no turkeys in Japan) and Christmas seems to be just another imported seasonal occasion (like Halloween) to sell stuff.
This is most evident when you take a walk around Tokyo on Christmas evening - you will more often than not see decorations already being pulled down...

My memories of Christmas growing up in the UK were the Regent Street Christmas lights (and then popping into Hamleys to look at the Star Wars toys), listening to Christmas carols on BBC's Songs of Praise, eating snacks from a Tesco's Christmas stocking while watching some good ol British TV.
Me missing the UK and hope to visit in 2022?

How are you spending Christmas Day?
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