Friday, December 24 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

First revealed back in June 2017 and released in December of the same year, Melody has been a popular Smart Doll - especially with newbie kids.

Next year, Melody will be released with a slightly refreshed design. Her head mold is now the same as Mirai which is the production mold - about 3% smaller than her original design that used the master mold.

Melody now has subtle purple highlights around her eyes and a change of wig color too. Melody will be available again in Jan 2022.

By the way - I will mention it again another time, but the Smart Doll online store top page has a new icon of rotating cogs in the top right of the header carousel - click it to play around with a new feature that lets you keep up with the latest without having to scroll past content that you are already familiar with.

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