Monday, December 27 2021

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A quick update from Smart Doll Land.
Our last day of shipping for 2021 will be Tue 28th December 9AM JST for all Good To Go orders - all other orders will be shipped after the 5th January 2022.
If you are a newbie and have not answered the email confirmation sent by a human - your order will be shipped next year.

The only Smart Dolls available for purchase during our hols are the Fab Four - Mirai, Liberty, Valiant, and Fortitude. These girls will still be shipped after 5th January.

I was going to do another drop of goodies before the end of the year but considering that supply chains (courier, postal, customs etc.) will be on holiday, I decided to release goodies in the new year instead.
We already have customers complain that our stuff doesn't arrive the next day from Japan, so the holiday would only increase their anxiety ;-)

On the day we get back into the studio, there is usually a backlog of orders to process - once the backlog has been cleared, we will release all the other Smart Doll girls from cryosleep.

As for the photos - this is the Wine Red Post Apocalyptic Uniform that was originally revealed over a year ago. We have been trying to source more of the Wine Red fabric with no luck - meaning that it will only live for one run when it goes online. To be released at the same time in the new year will be the Wine Red loafers which go rather well with the uniform - both hand-tailored in Japan.

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