Monday, November 22 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Located about an hour and a half by car to the West of Tokyo, is the Yamanashi Prefecture. Abundant in nature, Yamanashi is home to the Northern part of Mount Fuji and lake Yamanakako. We spent some time around lake recently but instead of taking the highway back to Tokyo, we decided to take the local Route 413, which weaves in and out of the mountains and through a village called Doshi.
Route 413 was home to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics cycling race and is one of the most scenic routes I've seen in Japan. If you are into cycling, then this is the route to check out.

Fortitude joined us on the day trip and helped out in giving the Post Apocalyptic Backback a final round of field testing before its release. She complained that she couldn’t hide a human sized Snickers bar inside it.
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