Saturday, November 13 2021

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Today I want to highlight why you should not buy either clear vinyl or clear frames.

Clear vinyl is useful for seeing how the internal frame behaves when stress is placed on each part/joint. Observing collision areas inside the vinyl enables us to design for future frame generations for better articulation and durability.
For example, while the internal frame is not indestructible like Beskar or Vibranium, the frame has been constantly tweaked to reduce the chances of breakages through stress absorption structures.

For many years, we have used clear vinyl for research purposes, but for the first time, we made a clear frame to see *inside* each frame part as it interacts with the vinyl and each other. To do this, we had to use ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) as the regular POM (Polyoxymethylene) that we use for our frames is not available in clear.

The clear frames have been helpful for research, but ABS is not as durable as POM (which is why we don't use it for production), meaning that even with the stress absorption structures, certain parts will break easily - the wrists and neck joints are just some examples.

The spine is orange - just pretend that your Clear Smart Doll came from the deep ocean.

We have only a small batch of clear vinyl and frames as we have to make a minimum lot even for R&D purposes - but we don't need so many right now, so they will be sold off in the Chaos section soon. You can couple the clear vinyl with any standard skin tone frame for durability if you are worried about the weaker clear ABS frame.

As for the clear vinyl, you will see slush, drips, and air bubbles on each part inherent to the Slush Casting process - they appear on all vinyl parts but are in plain sight for clear vinyl.

Clear vinyl is matte, but you can spray the surface with a clear topcoat if you want improved transparency. Vinyl parts may look slightly yellow and may yellow over time due to oxidation - this may be solved by moving to Mars, which has only 0.13% oxygen in its atmosphere - Elon or Jeff can take you there.

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