Thursday, November 11 2021

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Fortitude sporting a prototype of the Leather Chelsea Boots for Smart Doll.
Just like all our leather footwear, each is individually made using the same processes for human shoes - for example, we use a toe puff for the inside of the toe and heel stiffeners to create rigidity for walking comfort - but this comfort comes with a risk as your Smart Doll will enjoy going for walks without your permission. Made in Tokyo.

Reasons Not To Buy

1. Smart Doll boots will probably cost more than your human footwear unless you are one of those sneaker collectors - in which case your Smart Doll may get jealous and slap you.

2. Not great for water activities such as scuba diving or snorkeling.

3. Not effective for ice cream storage.

4. The soles do not have nonstick abilities like Teflon fry pans - if your Smart Doll steps in dog poo, then poo will do as stepped-in-poo does. If this happens, gently tell your Smart Doll to avoid purposely stepping in poo and look for a patch of grass to wipe the shoe on.
Just make sure that a dog didn't previously visit the patch of grass, or you will end up adding another layer of poo that protects the first layer. If this happens, then you will need to wait until the first layer dries before using a chisel and hammer to remove both layers. Do not inhale while you proceed to de-poo the shoes.

Also, if you didn’t gently tell your Smart Doll to avoid the poo, they may get angry and trample on your pillow before you can catch them (because the boots are so comfy they can run faster even when covered in poo.) If this happens, just turn the pillow over before you sleep.

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