Wednesday, December 1 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Timeless is sporting a couple of new items today. First up is the Dokuro Helmet. "Dokuro" in Japanese means "skull" - the mold for this was created for another project which didn't come to light, so we decided to use it as a helmet. It wasn't originally designed for Smart Dolls, so it's loose on the head, but I thought it looked cute so here we are ;-)

The second item is a hooded jacket with a nice cyberpunk aesthetic - I don't have a final name for it yet though. Speaking of cyberpunk, the cyborg head mold had some complications, so we had to start from scratch - it will happen eventually ;-)

The boots are made of vinyl which we molded from a modified pair of Takashin Trip Wire Boots. More and more folks have been asking for footwear that does not use animal hide - so here we are ;-)

Timeless is also sporting a new short wig with a frizzly back - the code name we use for it at the moment is "Random Short" due to the randomness of the back.

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