Saturday, November 6 2021

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Smart Doll Land photos of late - this time, taking a look at each floor shared by our 20 team members. The first floor is Mirai Store which has been closed for nearly two years since the pandemic started. However, our worldwide shipping volume has increased, meaning that we often use all of it for picking and packing.

The second floor is where all the R&D (Research & Development) and production goes on. Soft vinyl is cast and delivered from our factories in Tokyo, while injection-molded frames are delivered from Yamagata Shinjo. Smart Doll body flash cutting and body assembly takes place on the second floor.

The patterns for apparel are developed in-house, but production is done in factories across Japan from Hiroshima to Gifu, Iwakuni to Tokyo.

The fifth floor has a few sections.
Development:- wax modeling, surfacing, paint mask testing, and 3D Printing.
Storage:- boxes, frames, fabrics, vinyl, and wot not.
Chill-out time:- taking naps, playing console games, LEGO, nomming lunch and snacks (yummy insects).

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