Sunday, October 10 2021

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Many moons ago, we used to sell wigs separately but stopped mainly due to the amount of styling time each one takes. The last two photos in this post are of our two stylists Kouda-sensei and Kudo-kun, whose mission is to style each and every wig which involves trimming and using a steamer to craft the curls. The two alone can manage to style enough wigs for Smart Doll sales but not for standalone products.

We could make an extra buck or two by selling our wigs untouched straight from the factory, but the quality would not be of a standard that I would want for myself without individual styling. Our wigs are quite bland when we receive the components, which is why styling is needed.

Folks ask what third-party wigs I recommend so I decided to do some rummaging around on the Internets and came across some to try out by @dallasdollcosmart on Instagram.
The first two photos are the Malibu Escape wig, the second two photos are Lavender Blossom and the following two are Unicorn Mood. I've not tried all their wigs but these three, in particular, I feel are of the quality that I would recommend to others. They do have a bit of static straight out of the bag, but it's nothing that some finger combing can't fix. They are much easier to put on than Smart Doll wigs too ;-)

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