Monday, September 6 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Timeless is trying out a prototype of a jacket perfect for scavenging a post apocalyptic city. This jacket was put on hold since May as I could not figure out how to manage long hair that would sprout outwards as it rested on the hood. Then I thought of the obvious - just put a hole in the back of the hood to pass the hair through.

There is now an opening on the base of the hood for long hair to pass through and there will be a mechanism to hold the hair in place. The opening can be snapped closed too so there won’t always be a gaping hole.

Jacket is design is a collaborative effort with @maruko_halu and our local design team.

The aviator goggles did not make it to production because some folks in user tests had different expectations of how it should behave. For example the leather around the eyepiece is not glued on but instead attached to the strap. If you still think it’s looks ok then I can make a small batch.

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