Wednesday, September 1 2021

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Our four-day work week experiment continues. This week at Oshima island. Not all team members can make the excursions as they all have other commitments (like playing Red Dead Redemption (understandable)). But we do try to organize trips as much as we can and hope that outings fall onto days when the team is free.

It may not be common knowledge, but Tokyo is also home to several islands reachable by a short plane or boat ride. We rented a villa on Oshima Island this week - just shy of a 2-hour boat ride from Takeshiba ferry terminal Tokyo.
Oshima is a volcanic island with a ton of nature to enjoy - especially water activities like diving and snorkeling. Oshima is also home to Japan's only desert - the Ura Sabaku. The one in Tottori is a sand dune and not a desert for folks who were wondering.

This post is only a quick summary - I will post more photos later.

Oh, the guy diving is @trioprg who recently got his diving license. I’m planning on taking lessons for my diving license later this year. Do any of you dive too?

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