Sunday, August 29 2021

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A quick gander around the studio of late.
Pocket Doll is proceeding swimmingly, but we are first working on the Pocket Doll Mannequin (PDM) version as the internal frame will take time to develop. PDM will allow us to start developing apparel and accessories. PDM will be available for purchase to folks who would like to start developing apparel prior to the official launch of the fully articulated version planned for next year.

As you have been willing to use your DIY mana to build your own 1/3 scale guys, we are now working on casting Atoms head and bodies in cocoa and blue - will be available in the Chaos outlet.

For nearly 4 months during this year, we have been experimenting with a 4 day work week in combination with shorter working hours per day.
We have discovered that we can still maintain a good amount of sales while increasing the team's time off.
If we can achieve the same goals in 4 days - I'm good with paying the team for a full-time 5 day work week. No need to have them work more.

Some folks mentioned that we should allow over-time so that the team can earn more. I make sure the team earns more anyway by sharing company profits with the team.

Most other Japanese companies pay a fixed 1 x monthly salary in the Summer and 2 x monthly salary in the Winter no matter how well the company does.

We pay bonuses twice a year that amount to several months' wages - in some cases, this can equal an additional year's wage depending on the individual's level of mana.

I think it's only fair that we share profits with the team and reward team members who choose to go above and beyond.

The four-day workweek has enabled the team to have more hobbies outside of work. We are taking some of them to Oshima island tomorrow for some nature hunting, diving and fishing ;-)

We have not shifted completely to a 4 day work week yet as it involves labor laws that I'm trying to figure out. It's crazy that humans spend 5 days out of 7 working - that's 70% of their lives.

To folks who are sour about the lack of availability - just picture us enjoying our time off while you vent on da internets ;-) #smartdoll #anime #3dprinting #design #japan

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