Saturday, August 28 2021

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Even though you need to be a Kangaroo or have large pockets, I'm still calling this product "Pocket Doll" as I originally did when this project was an April Fools.
Back then, the prototypes were much smaller and literally pocket-sized but I didn't like the toothbrush-like wig and fabric physics at that size.

Some folks have mentioned that it should be just a case of making things smaller and using less fiber on the wigs but this is not the case unless you live in a black hole where all laws of physics break down.

If it were simply a case of making things smaller, then that would be preferable but as we live in a dimension governed by physics, we need to observe such laws such as Scaling Laws. Materials and the forces that act upon it behave differently at various scales. For example, torque control for the frame will be different than our 1/3 scale Smart Dolls due to the weight. Smaller items heat up quicker so temperature control during casting means different workflows.

Smaller items mean that as the mass of an object moves away from peripheral vision into central vision, details become more amplified. Such details could be things like the number of paint masks used for a face design - too many would produce a cluttered face design.

Other details that get amplified are blemishes so QA workflows need to be more strict.
The photo of the little one next to Timeless is roughly how tall they will be. I hope to have the final acrylic eye samples back next week or so.

I heard voices from folks who prefer that we work on just one thing and never work on anything new to maintain the availability of current products. To this note, I also request a schedule of when and what I should eat and when I should poo.

I'm pretty happy that we have lasted so long as the underdog in the fashion doll world by continuing to keep a balance of selling and creating.
Just selling the same stuff repeatedly is not our cuppa tea - I would rather have less sales and let the team experiment with new ideas - even if those ideas eventually don't make any money. Learnings and experience is essential for us to grow.

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