Thursday, September 16 2021

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I really like our Cargo Capri Pants which are still my go-to bottoms for my girls, but I wanted something similar and shorter - and thus, the Cargo Shorts were born.
The transition from a Capri design to shorts was not as simple as we anticipated, which is why folks found many prototypes in the Chaos Bundles. 
A distinguishing design feature of Cargo Pants is the pockets on the side - but there is not enough real estate on the shorts to attach decent-looking pockets. This is why we focused on using D Rings instead, which I think works well in retaining a Cargo look and feel.
The four D Rings let you wrap and style the straps to your heart's content - there is no "correct" way to tie them - let your creativity decide. I personally just let them hang down as per the photos.
They look really nice with lace shorts beneath - which you will need anyway to keep the Kraken at bay when your girls are sitting.
Perfect for the great post-apocalyptic outdoors. Made in Gifu Japan.

-If you are venturing into zombie land with your girls, the exposed legs could be vulnerable to scratches from the undead or flesh-eating plants.

-The waist does not have belt loops to attach a carabiner which is always useful when traveling. 

-It probably won't look great when coupled with a harness.

-The straps get beaten up the most during the weathering process to produce an aesthetic some may not like. However, you can say that a zombie grabbed it while your Smart Doll tried to escape and it will all make sense.

-You could buy a pair of human Cargo Shorts for the same price or less. 

-These will not fit humans unless the human is really really really slim.
-The straps cannot be used as an emergency escape rope.
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