Wednesday, August 11 2021

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The Cargo Capri Pants is nearly ready for prime time. First revealed last Autumn, this item has been through much field testing across Japan - including on Haikyo (abandoned places) Hunting trips.
Our green Capri Pants is a nice simple design, but I also wanted something a bit more rugged for the great outdoors and a post-apocalyptic environment - thus the Cargo Capri Pants was born.

The Cargo Capri Pants is still my go-to bottoms as they allow my girls to regulate heat better when traveling.

The design features a side gather around the knees located just above a slit. The tape on the bottom of the legs are fixed and can't be accidentally pulled out. However, the tape around the waist does loop around to the other side, so be careful not to tug it too hard.

Made in Gifu Japan.

And now for the reasons not to buy.

If you are venturing into zombie land with your girls, the exposed legs could be vulnerable to scratches from the undead or flesh eating plants.

The waist does not have belt loops to attach a carabiner which is always useful when traveling. However, you could couple this with the harness.

The tape on the waist and legs get beaten up the most during the weathering process to produce an aesthetic that some may not like. However, you can say that a zombie grabbed it while your Smart Doll tried to escape and it will all make sense.

The pockets on the legs are functional but they can only fit Smart Doll sized snacks and medical kits.

You could buy a pair of human Cargo Capri Pants for the same price or less - but if you buy this one for your Smart Doll, both of you could take turns to wear it - at least your small bits will be warm. I am of course, talking about your fingers.

Costs more than 25 Big Macs.

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