Sunday, August 8 2021

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Want to display your Smart Doll around your desk but don't have enough space? How about floating them on a flexible arm stand?

Alas, this is not our next Smart Doll stand but I did think about making it into a product. Sourcing the components from a reliable source plus field testing would have taken quite a while - maybe in the future.

For now, I thought it was in our customer's interest that they learn about this method to DIY something to meet their needs.

I searched Amazon for "Flexible Arm" and came up with something that required no modding at all. All I did was screw the Clickety Click joint onto the arm, and I was done. This black one is made by "utebit" which I got on Amazon Japan but can't find it on - they do have similar products if you search for "flexible arm" that you may need to mod yourself.

The Silver one is by Sanwa - again on Amazon Japan. This required more modding in terms of removing the clip and finding a metal rod that would accommodate the Clickety Click joint.

The flexible arms on these products are pretty stiff, but if I pose Smart Doll too far away from the attachment point, the arm will start to sag.

Most of the flexible arms are for holding a cell phone but use existing camera stand components which are 1/4-20 UNC threaded. The Clickety Click joint will screw onto a 1/4-20 UNC thread but you may need to put some sellotape around the thread to give it more beef - or the joint may fall off. You will also need to tighten the screw on the Clickety Click joint tight to maintain a pose.

Be careful where you pose your Smart Doll - don't pose then floating over the table edge so that they fall into the jaws of your pet. If you do then say sayonara to a good night's sleep as your Smart Doll won't forgive you - they will try to insert the flexible stand into your support socket and miss...

The Clickety Click joint is quite versatile if you can do some modding - you can use it to make your own tripod or gorilla stand, or maybe something to hold your Smart Dolls in the car.

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