Saturday, July 24 2021

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Kabuki was released today but sold out pretty quick. We will be making more after our weekend break and plan to release more next week.

The Japanese word "Kabuki" refers to a drama played out as a stage performance sprinkled with singing and dancing. Kabuki actors feature a distinct "kumadori" face makeup - my first encounter with such makeup was on the face of E.Honda - the sumo wrestler in Street Fighter. Folks who watched the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have noticed the Kabuki actor.

The lines on each kumadori design are an exaggerated representation of facial muscles and veins. The colors have meanings too.
Red represents the "hero" aspect - justice, courage, and strength.
Blue represents the "villain" aspect - ruthless and evil.
Brown represents non-humans such as demons and monsters.

I mentioned "actors" for a reason - in 1629, women were banned from performing on stage in Kabuki because they were seen as an unhealthy influence due to their suggestive movements on and off stage. A bit like those awkward hanky panky scenes that crop up all of a sudden on what seems like any Netflix show during dinner time.

Men replaced the female role and were galled Onnagata. To this day, women are still forbidden to perform on stage in Kabuki.

Smart Doll Kabuki features prominent red paint on her kumadori makeup - she is our heroine who stands up against and fights the forces that oppress.
As for why she has a touch of blue paint on her face - I will leave that for you to decide ;-)

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