Tuesday, June 29 2021

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Do your pets give your Smart Doll's evil looks of resentment? It could be because your cat or dog or hamster is wearing the Cone Of Shame and resents your Smart Doll for not wearing one.

You can easily remedy this situation and avoid the risk of your pet eating your Smart Doll's head by getting some Cones of Shame also known as Vinyl Rings.

We previously made the vinyl rings an SKU that you would add to your cart but because the price was zero yen, complications started to arise when the package went through customs - the officers didn't like things that were priced "zero yen."
For this reason, we ask that you simply leave a note with your order mentioning that you would like some "Cones of Shame" or "Vinyl Rings."
The rings will be a random handful that will be of any shape and color. Free of charge to prevent your Smart Doll’s head from becoming a snack of a disgruntled pet.

The vinyl ring is the flash that is cut away from the heads or a head cap. We used to throw these away but now we sort them out and offer them to folks who may need them for fabric stain testing, paint mixing and making sure heads don't roll off the table. The photo of the head on this page is not included and just an example of the paint mixing and head-holding in action.

If you forget to leave a note with your order, you can send an email to our support team asking us to add them but we won't always be able to answer - instead, we will just add them in the box before closing. Rings will be loose in the box and won't always be bagged. If bagged then the bag will be recycled.

If your package is full then we won't put any in meaning that you will have to wait until next time. 
The bag contents are not checked and may contain spiders - please do not blame us if you get bitten by one and end up with superhuman powers with the ability to hold together two halves of a boat with your web thingies.

Do you have a pet that’s experienced the cone of shame?

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