Sunday, June 27 2021

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Some photos plucked from life in Tokyo of late. Everything is still as (new) normal can be. Tokyo is now in its 3rd (lost count) state of emergency, ending on July 11th - but there are possibilities of 4th.
Japan is finally rolling out vaccines and folks can book and get a jab within a week or so. There are vaccine choices but most are Pfizer. Have you got the jab yet? If so which one? Pfizer? Moderna? Others?

It's the rainy season right now in Japan - warm and muggy. Up until the beginning August, We need to dehumidify the office and keep the environment as dry as possible so that no harm comes to the inventories.

The Ducati in the photos belongs to the guy who is in charge of Smart Doll head and faceup production. We call him Trio Tampan ( @trioprg ).

The bottles of water on the wall are said to scare away cats which is why you see them all over Japan around houses. But what happens is that you usually see photos of cats cuddling up next to the bottles on social media. I first saw the bottles when I first came to Japan about 25 years ago. I thought I'd let you know in case you thought it was an altruistic thing to help thirsty pedestrians ;-)

Slim triangular house - yes I have seen smaller.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Still in lockdown?
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