Friday, June 4 2021

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The usual gander around the studio. A few notes.
The amount of default sports bra that we need to make has exceeded the capacity of what one vendor can handle. For this reason, we are using a few vendors across Japan in locations such as Kyushu, Gifu, and Iwakuni.

To better maintain a check on quality, we are having each of our vendors make separate colors to narrow down any issues that arise. When you buy a Smart Doll, you will get a random color sports bra - Khaki Green, Frost Gray, Ice Gray or Moku Gray. You can't choose the color not request even if you buy two Smart Doll's at the same time. If this is not cool then that's cool with us ;-)

June will see the launch of a few apparel items including the baseball caps. I want the insulin pump ready for release this month too but because of the undercut design needed for the tube insertion, we may actually roll out the product as a 3D printed resin instead of silicone casted resin. Insulin Pumps will be provided for free to Smart Doll owners who use an insulin pump. The hearing aid prototype will be ready this month too.

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