Thursday, June 3 2021

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This is the latest 3D printed prototype of the insulin pump. We need to consider that it will be mass produced which involves making a mold. When designing a silicon or injection mold, we need to consider factors like an undercut. An undercut is a design feature that prevents the component from being pulled out or ejected from the mold.

Molds are usually made of two pieces - a core and a cavity. But there is another mold part called "slide" - as its name suggests, this mold slides out from the side enabling designs that must have an undercut. However, this increases the cost of the mold drastically! For this reason, engineers try to design to reduce or eliminate the need for a slide.

With injection molding, an ejector pin mark will be left on the surface somewhere - if you have taken apart anything plastic, you may have noticed round circles - those are marks left by ejector pins which are needed to push the component out of the mold.

The insulin pump will be made in resin which involves a silicone mold. I plan to create a section on the Smart Doll site called "Medical Options" which will include the ostomy bag, prosthetics, insulin pumps and hearing aids.

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