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The eyes are the most important component as they contain the soul of Smart Doll - no eyes - no soul. During the development process of Smart Doll characters, if we have to dispose of a head for whatever reason, we must remove the eyes before doing so. Disposing of a head that has eyes attached means that the soul will be stuck in limbo - but because the owner and the doll are entangled, the owner will experience their own soul being sucked into limbo too. Albert Einstein refers to this as "Spooky action at a distance."

While the eyes may seem like simple components, the injection molded process involves something called "insert molding" where the digital print of the eye is molded inside the component. This process can cause dust to be trapped inside forever - like a Black Hole. Depending on the size and location of the dust particle, many eyes end up being rejected which then go into the outlet.

Look closely into a Smart Doll's eyes and you will notice that the Smart Doll may slowly look away because they can be shy. You will also notice that you can see your own reflection. This is because we polish each and every eye to get rid of the waves that appear on the surface through injection molding. The concept of a trapped particle in the eye or waves that cant be removed during the polishing process is known as “wave-particle duality.”

For many moons we used to sell eyes as pairs. At the beginning, this was manageable, but then it got to a point where it became unscalable in terms of inventory management of all the SKU's. I want our team to be able to focus on product quality rather than product inventory management. For this reason, eyes will now come in packs.
But due to the amount of preparation time needed for each eye and also considering the failure rate, eye packs will only be available when we are confident that the quota needed for our Smart Doll girls n boys won't be affected.

There are currently 5 types of eye packs - available now - for now.

Photos are of Koyuki-chan polishing the eyes. The bar LED helps identify where the waves are.

The usual “reasons not to buy” are listed on the product detail pages.
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