Thursday, May 20 2021

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I wanted to release this cardigan during the Winter season but needed more time for QC. Besides - it's Winter on the other side of the planet, and it still looks good for this time of year on this side of the planet.

Moco Moco (もこもこ) in Japanese means "fluffy" "lumpy" and "puffy." "Moco Moco" can also be used to describe clouds as in "Moco Moco Gumo" (もこもこ雲) or the texture of sheep but not for people.

I like cardigans for myself and my Smart Doll's because they allow for better regulation of heat - easy to take off - easy to put on without pulling the garment over the head.

Our cardigans generally have a used look and feel, but this time I wanted something cuddly - and so the Moco Moco Cardigan was born.

We have been working with knit factories across Japan for a while now as we wanted more control over the woven yarn - specifically weight, gauge, ply count, and color. Without this control, we wouldn't have been able to make this item from pre-existing fabric alone.

Just a word of warning though - your girls will look so cuddly wearing this that you may not be able to put them down.

Goes particularly well with the Wine Red Adventurer Camisole. Made in Toyama Japan.

But before you decide, you need to know the reasons why you may not want this.

1. The process of knit is to join interconnecting loops of yarn together. This means that there will be visible holes if you stretch the knit.

2. Folks who like to pluck chickens may have the urge to pluck the cardigan - but if they do so, some of the yarn will come off. The Moco Moco Cardigan is not a chicken and should not be eaten with rice.

3. Folks should remove the hands when passing the arms through the sleeves as fingers may get caught in the holes to make an even bigger hole. Some folks don't like to remove the hands.

3. The surface is fluffy and nonuniform, which could bother some people.

4. You could buy six human cardigans for the same price - but if you buy the moco moco cardigan for your Smart Doll they will love you forever - or at least until the next apparel drop.

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