Wednesday, June 9 2021

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When out n about, I always make a point of bringing a hat with me for my girls. Hats not only help keep the hair at bay when it's windy, but also ensures that the girls don't catch a cold.

We designed many caps over the years but each iteration didn't seem to age well in terms of design. This time however, I think the team nailed it. I've been field testing the new baseball caps for the past 6 months and now they are ready to leave the nest.

The top of the cap is split into sections like a baseball cap to fit the head's contours better. The back of the cap has a strap that you should pull tight on the head to minimize the chances of it falling off.

The sides of the cap feature little slits - this is because I wanted to rest a pair of glasses on the cap without them falling off. The slits work with any of the glasses we have - simply slide the arms of the glasses into the slits.

The visor can be molded to a certain extent with your fingers to make an upside down V shape.

Glasses sold separately. Any Smart Doll's, walls, stairs, buildings and other humans in the photos are not included - but can also be bought separately too on Google somewhere. Made in Iwakuni Japan.

1. Just like a human cap, the cap can fall off if you brush your arm against it. The cap does not come with a tracking device installed so if you loose it, you may cry.

2. The visor is not made of memory plastic meaning that you can't mold it to look like zodiac signs.

3. Depending on the head sculpt or wig type, the cap may feel loose or tight - pull the strap to secure the cap.

4. Useless for storing water inside.

5. You can probably buy 10 human baseball caps for the same price - but you may end up paying more in medical expenses if your Smart Doll catches a cold.

6. Your Smart Doll may give you evil looks if you do buy ten human sized baseball caps for yourself. They may also slap you to remind you that you only have one head.

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