Wednesday, June 9 2021

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It's been many moons since we had a new boot design. The cunningly named 3 Ring Boots features a...3 ring design on the outside of the boot held in place with a crisscross of straps.

Depending on the leather, the boot may look worn or new out of the bag - both types will age through time but if you want them to age quicker, you can crumple them up in your hands or rub them on a rough surface such as tree bark or a rock or a friends face. Made in Tokyo.

1. While the lining of the boot is cream-colored to minimize the risk of staining, the surface of the leather does not have such stain prevention measures. As such, anything left in contact with the outside of the boot may end up staining.

2. Will not fit humans - even though they cost more than human footwear. They may fit on your fingers though.

3. Will not look good with a wedding dress - unless the Smart Doll bride is planning on doing a runner after the wedding.

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