Saturday, May 8 2021

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Indy Tea is looking rather fine too ;-)
There are a load of new characters waiting in the wings to be released but to get them out the door, we need to put more of our regular frontline girls on the countdown timer which can last 3 to 4 weeks. This means that even frontline girls will not be available during the timer run.

Balancing the teams time will enable us to release more new girls. This also means that we should be able to increase the blue character count.

The PC bike is still planned for production but we need to find a vendor that can work on the many many parts that it requires. We first need to do more testing with different ITX boards and power supplies which can vary quite a lot in size.

The Solar Marine uniform will not be released anytime soon as they take a very long time to make. All the new photos of the uniform are the final version which now have flare sleeved cuffs. This is to match the boot cuffs and also provide a more natural look when the wrist needs to bend at an angle or when riding the bike. The Solar Marine Emblem is placed off-center on the shoulder so that it's more visible from the front.

The uniform jacket fits S and M busts comfortably, but the zip may break with the L bust.
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