Wednesday, May 5 2021

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Since the last look at the studio, the 2nd floor has had a tweak in layout to give team members more breathing space to do spinning bird kicks.
We nearly hit our production capacity again so the countdown timer has kicked in leaving 10 Smart Dolls available for newbie customers. Japan is in a long holiday known as Golden Week so there has been no shipping for nearly a week. We state that we need 15 days to ship out on the website so the holiday waiting times should not matter - shipping resumes this Thursday JST.

When folks try to check out, a new modal appears with checkboxes asking the customer to confirm that they agree to the terms. The modal helps set expectations before the purchase.
One of the checkboxes mentions, "I understand that my order takes 15 business days until its shipped out." This timeframe is regardless of how fast your previous shipment arrived.

However, people still ask "I ordered two days ago. Why has my order not shipped?" "I see other people getting stuff before me. What's going on?" "You are causing me more anxiety than I can deal with right now. Where is my stuff?"

I think it's reasonable to say that we are causing folks unnecessary anxiety by not being able to ship out immediately. I also think it's reasonable that we should do what we can to prevent such anxiety. The only thing we can do now is to cancel and refund the order - no transaction means no more anxiety. Brutal? You should watch the new Mortal Kombat movie. Flawless Victory ;-) Who is your fave Mortal Kombat Character?

The font on the website has changed to Lexend that was developed with dyslexia and struggling readers in mind. I find it easier to read too and downloaded a chrome extension that changes any website fonts to Lexend ;-)

Many girls in the G07 head sculpt are in development. Unlike the G02 head, the G07 version is much more accommodating to the different skin tones. I can't wait to show you Independence in tea and cocoa and soon Aoi and Sakura :-)

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