Monday, May 3 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

All manufacturing has an impact on the environment in terms of energy consumption, waste produced and resources extracted from the planet - Smart Doll is no exception.

I want to highlight some of the things that we have been doing to reduce or offset our impact on the environment and talk about some of the new things we are doing.

The write-up is on the Smart Doll online store in a more digestible format which discusses why we are not making more than we can - for the health of our team members and the planet too.

The list is not definitive and there is much more that we can be doing. I'm currently researching the possibility of buying some land outside Tokyo and planting a tree for every Smart Doll we make. You could visit too when Japan opens up after the pandemic. But give me time to look into it as land regulations in Japan can be complicated in terms of what we can/cant build/plant.

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