Friday, May 14 2021

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

A few candidate prototypes have dropped in the Garage. Candidates are prototypes of a certain character that we felt didn't have enough mana to make it to market and thus decided to let them go to a better home. Putting a character into production is a commitment that takes a lot of resources in terms of time and energy.
Candidate quality is usually the same as product quality unless otherwise mentioned.

Do note that prices may start to drop automatically if there are no buyers - you may want to try playing the waiting game but if you do it could be too late. Too late. To stop. Look. Listen to your heart hear what it's saying...
In some cases, prices may actually start to rise depending on how popular other items are - just like bitcoin. We have put the pricing adjustment on auto-pilot so that we don’t have to watch the garage anymore :-)
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