Thursday, May 13 2021

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Genesis means "the origin or mode of formation of something" - Smart Doll Genesis was the first of our semi-real line of characters after many years of working solely on anime-style designs.

When we announced our semi-real line, there was so much pushback from fans of the anime style which still continues to this day. Interestingly, I only see anime fans complaining about semi-real styles but rarely see semi-real fans complain about anime styles. Our anime style character count is growing but already outnumbers our semi-real line by nearly triple.

I experienced the same pushback when I started to develop Smart Doll. The consensus was that the market already had vinyl dolls and that there was no place for Smart Doll. The socket at the back of the torso was particularly ridiculed.

No matter what you do in life - whether you work in a large organization trying to pitch a new idea or are running your own gig trying to create a new product or service, you should expect pushback but how you choose to deal with it will drastically change the outcome of your ideas.

Without exception, everything in the universe is energy. Our sun is the source of energy for life, yet the sun also has the power to take life. Likewise, pushback can be the energy to make you but also the power to break you.

Just like how a plant takes energy from the sun and uses it to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy in a process called Photosynthesis, pushback can be harnessed as a much needed source of motivation - especially during a time when all odds seem stacked against your favor.

The people who pushback want you to throw in the towel. Do you let them have the last laugh? Or do you thank them for the motivation that will materialize your ideas?

Genesis is a symbol and reminder that you can harness the energy from pushback to give rise to a new start that changes everything - and when that happens, your last laugh will truly last the longest ;-)

Genesis Cocoa is available now.

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