Sunday, April 18 2021

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Curiosity in Tea looks great too! Face design by @miki_lutecia
And a quick update. The default Sports Bra will all transition to the new gray. If you are ordering of late, some will be gray while some will be the old white. You cannot choose. I'm going to change the hero photos for each character to be wearing the gray sports bra soon but you may still get the white one regardless.
If this is not cool with you then please do not order.

The default sports bra serves three purposes.
One is so our girls don't get too cold on the flight over to you.

Another is so that their forearms don't rub against their hips in the package.

The final purpose of the default sports bra is so that our girls don't get embarrassed in their birthday suit when meeting their owner for the first time - I'm sure you would feel awkward too - like when watching Netflix with family and all of a sudden there is a completely pointless and unexpected hanky panky scene and you all stare at the TV trying not to look at each other.

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