Thursday, April 15 2021

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Before she became a member of the Solar Marines, Dauntless used to be a Horizon Runner Cadet where she took the responsibility of creating Event Horizon Borders of Nether Dimensions with her Quantum Spray Cannon.
While a Solar Marine battles with The Entitled, the nearby Horizon Runner has to use the Quantum Spray Cannon to paint a circle on the ground - the edges of the circle then become the Event Horizon Borders of Nether Dimensions.

The Solar Marine must then throw The Entitled into the Nether Dimension, but to keep them inside, the Horizon Runner must then erase the Event Horizon Border with the "erase" function that is also built into their Quantum Spray Cannons.

The Solar Marine must defeat The Entitled within 5 Earth minutes or The Entitled starts to multiply in numbers. If a battle with The Entitled ends up taking 10 Earth minutes, The Entitled then changes into it's final form making it even more difficult to defeat them...

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