Wednesday, April 14 2021

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First revealed in June 2020, the Mori Girl set is another item that needed much development and field testing before release. Available tomorrow, the three piece Mori Girl set is comprised of a long outer shirt, baggy T-shirt and wide flare bottoms. 

Mori Girl (森ガール) is a Japanese fashion style that depicts "a girl living in the forest" wearing loose-fitting earthly colored fabrics that blend in with the surroundings. "Blend in" to presumably hide from zombies.

The outer T-shirt and wide flare bottoms have gone through a weathering and bio wash session to give them a soft natural wrinkly look. While the 3 items look great together, the baggy T-shirt looks great on its own with a pair of panties when lounging around at home during lock-down. The baggy T-shirt also looks great with the outer shirt and a pair of jeans. 

The 3 piece Mori Girl set does go rather well with a dog tag hung low in front of the T-shirt.

Because the bottoms are of a wide flare design, they may look like a skirt depending on how you pose your girl.
If you are looking for a relaxed, carefree aesthetic for your Smart Doll, then this is the item to get - but take note of the reasons not to buy before you decide. Made in Gifu Japan.

1. As the wide flare bottoms and outer shirt have gone through a session of weathering, even if you buy two sets, the wrinkles and any holes or loose threads will not be in the exact same place.

2. While the set is useful for blending into the forest to hide from Zombies, the wide flare bottoms may get caught in some rubble or a tripwire when running from them. Folks can adjust the flare width slightly by wetting the surface of the bottoms with water and wringing them - then leave to dry.

3. "A girl living in the forest" sounds like an episode of Stranger Things and may remind you of Demogorgon's and thus give you nightmares.

4. Probably costs more than anything you would buy for yourself to wear.

Available tomorrow at the same time as some other goodies :-)

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